check out our range of colours available

White, this is the natural colour items come out of the moulds, some customers like items in natural concrete, especally angels, as they look clean and bright, this is sleeping boy angel, there is a sleeping girl to match
Green washed, upright labrador. some customers like this in a light colouring, were some customers like it darker to make the item look more aged
Black wash, cattledog
Rust with black wash, Extra Large Buddha, 1m High
Yellow wash, for that sandstone look, Grecian urn
Terracotta wash, titi plaque
Red wash, large gargoyle
copper & rust with a black wash, Large Dragon holding ball, water feature
Hand Painted. this adds life to our products, and especially suits a selection of our products, football gnomes, alice in wonderland set, and gnomes
Cast iron finish, it feels and looks like the real thing, but its concrete underneath, this is one of our most popular special finishes. This is a Dancers Birdbath
Ash is popular on our modern pieces, this is the eclipse birdbath
Suede, popular on the modern pieces. This is the Love Statue
Red painted with black wash. Large Thai Buddha. this bright colouring really stands out in the garden
Terracotta painted, with a black wash to bring out the detail, it can be left as plain terracotta painted as well, this is a Suzanna bust,
Coffee bean painted with a black wash, this is Archangel Michael candlestick
Buff concrete, where the colour is actually in the concrete mix, this can also have any of the washes put over it as well. This is cherub on ball medium
Terracotta, this is one of the colours our clay products are available in. This is not for concrete products
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